Oracle : Expdp : Parameters

Paramètre Description
ATTACH Attach to existing job, e.g. ATTACH [=job name].
CONTENT Specifies data to unload where the valid keywords are: (ALL), DATA_ONLY, and METADATA_ONLY.
DIRECTORY Directory object to be used for dumpfiles and logfiles.
DUMPFILE List of destination dump files (expdat.dmp), e.g. DUMPFILE=scott1.dmp, scott2.dmp, dmpdir:scott3.dmp.
ESTIMATE Calculate job estimates where the valid keywords are: (BLOCKS) and STATISTICS.
ESTIMATE_ONLY Calculate job estimates without performing the export.
EXCLUDE Exclude specific object types, e.g. EXCLUDE=TABLE:EMP.
FILESIZE Specify the size of each dumpfile in units of bytes.
FLASHBACK_SCN SCN used to set session snapshot back to.
FLASHBACK_TIME Time used to get the SCN closest to the specified time.
FULL Export entire database (N).
HELP Display Help messages (N).
INCLUDE Include specific object types, e.g. INCLUDE=TABLE_DATA.
JOB_NAME Name of export job to create.
LOGFILE Log file name (export.log).
NETWORK_LINK Name of remote database link to the source system.
NOLOGFILE Do not write logfile (N).
PARALLEL Change the number of active workers for current job.
PARFILE Specify parameter file.
QUERY Predicate clause used to export a subset of a table.
SCHEMAS List of schemas to export (login schema).
STATUS Frequency (secs) job status is to be monitored where the default (0) will show new status when available.
TABLES Identifies a list of tables to export – one schema only.
TABLESPACES Identifies a list of tablespaces to export.
TRANSPORT_FULL_CHECK Verify storage segments of all tables (N).
TRANSPORT_TABLESPACES List of tablespaces from which metadata will be unloaded.
VERSION Version of objects to export where valid keywords are:(COMPATIBLE), LATEST, or any valid database version.

+ Oracle 10g Release 2 (10.2)

Paramètre Description
COMPRESSION Reduce size of dumpfile contents where valid keyword values are: (METADATA_ONLY) and NONE.
ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD Password key for creating encrypted column data.
SAMPLE Percentage of data to be exported;

+ Oracle 11g Release 1 (11.1)

Paramètre Description
DATA_OPTIONS Data layer flags where the only valid value is: XML_CLOBS-write XML datatype in CLOB format
ENCRYPTION Encrypt part or all of the dump file where valid keyword values are: ALL, DATA_ONLY, METADATA_ONLY, ENCRYPTED_COLUMNS_ONLY, or NONE.
ENCRYPTION_ALGORITHM Specify how encryption should be done where valid keyword values are: (AES128), AES192, and AES256.
ENCRYPTION_MODE Method of generating encryption key where valid keyword values are: DUAL, PASSWORD, and (TRANSPARENT).
REMAP_DATA Specify a data conversion function, e.g. REMAP_DATA=EMP.EMPNO:REMAPPKG.EMPNO.
REUSE_DUMPFILES Overwrite destination dump file if it exists (N).
TRANSPORTABLE Specify whether transportable method can be used where valid keyword values are: ALWAYS, (NEVER).

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