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Video Player 1 from Tacx and Windows 10 – Tintin // Guismai

Video Player 1 from Tacx and Windows 10

11 Responses

  1. Dennis says:

    Hi, thanks for this info.
    It helped me, but still it crashed only after 45-50 minutes.


    • balduin says:

      oh no… today, same thing on a converted video after about 78 minutes. 🙁

      is there any permanent solution? btw, i am using TTS 3.13.

  2. Walter Schwendimann says:

    thanks a lot for this astuce 🙂 really helped a lot. on my machine somehow steps 7 and 8 did not help. instead i changed the location of the avi file in
    C:\ProgramData\Tacx\TrainerSoftware\TacxVideoPlayer\Settings inside the file installedvideos.xml
    afterwards it worked perfectly fine 😉

  3. balduin says:

    thank you guys, you are awesome! 😀

    …and to tacx: ha ha!

  4. Beloki says:

    Hi guys,

    I tried the 9 steps solutions above. The video (AlpineClass10) runs longer now, but it still stopps after appr. 30 min. (before already after 5 min.).

    I also installed the TacxVideoPlayer but nothiung changed, still a freezed video after 30 min.
    Has someone still the same problem?

  5. Greg Mérot says:

    I am still searching to improve the bypass and i will give more detail as soon as possible.

    Do we have some information about an software upgrade from Tacx ?

    • Greg Mérot says:

      I edit my post and change some settings to convert the video. Hope it helps !

      • Greg Mérot says:

        According to the TAXC Forum, there is a Microsoft update solving the problem…

        • Greg Mérot says:

          … And it works !!!

          • balduin says:

            thank you for the information! i will give it a try asap.

            (what is the reason you suggested using 1920*1080 – and not the original resolution – on your post prior to windows update?)

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