Video Player 1 from Tacx and Windows 10

EDIT 10/02/2016 : Microsoft fix the issue, go to Windows update !!!

Last week, i started to re-use my Tacx home trainer watching the “Alpin classic 2010” video with the free video player 1.

Surprise, the video freezed at 7 min…

So i consult the tacx website and i discover that the free player 1 is not compatible with Windows 10 due to a problem of buffer overflow with DirectShow. No solution proposed by the support, only waiting an update that will never deliver !!!

Great !!!

I am a cyclist and i am also an IT ingeneer. (Saying that, i feel like Zorro ! :))


Firstly, i verified the buffer overflow with a simple “procmon” and get it. Then, i search the DirectShow librairie used by the software and the winner is DirectShowLib-2005.dll. This dll was not update since 2010 and is only an interface (coding speaking) to discuss with the OS DirectShow.

But, it works perfectly with Windows 7, so what is the difference between the DirectShow of W7 and W10 ? After some search about DirectShow, it appears Microsoft decided to manage codecs differently mainly for the oldest… So what is the codec used by the Tacx Video ? Answer : an old MPEG4 !

OK, how the software works if i change the codec of the video ? Answer : IT WORKS PERFECTLY !

PAY ATTENTION ! This is not a solution but a bypass !

So now, you want to know how to change the codec of your video ?

1 – Find the avi video. It depends of your choice during the installation of the video (Alpin Classic 2010), hard disk or DVD :
– Hard disk : “C:\ProgramData\Tacx\TrainerSoftware\Videos\AlpineClas10\AlpineClas10.avi”
– DVD : “F:\AlpineClas10\AlpineClas10.avi”
2 – Download “Freemake Video Converter”, launch the installer and do a custom install to not install adware.
3 – Launch Freemake, open the video file
4 – Click on “Convert”, select “AVI”, don’t change anything (the default codec must be H.264).

EDIT 07/02/2016 : Keep H.264, change the size to 1920×1080 (Full HD) and no sound.

5 – Change the path to “C:\ProgramData\Tacx\TrainerSoftware\Videos\”
6 – Click on “Convert” ! It can take a long time, with my old computer > 2h. With a newer computer, you can expect 30 minutes maximum.
7 – We have the new video file and we must tell to the software the new location. Go to registry (in dos box, type “regedit”) and open the key : “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Tacx\TTS\InstalledVideos\”
8 – You will find keys for each DVD installed. Open the key of the video and edit “AVILocation” with the new location of our video : C:\ProgramData\Tacx\TrainerSoftware\Videos\AlpineClas10.avi
9 – Close all

You can open the video player 1, start a stage and not being stopped at 7 minutes !!!

Hope it helps some of you and to TACX :


11 Responses

  1. Dennis says:

    Hi, thanks for this info.
    It helped me, but still it crashed only after 45-50 minutes.


  2. Walter Schwendimann says:

    thanks a lot for this astuce 🙂 really helped a lot. on my machine somehow steps 7 and 8 did not help. instead i changed the location of the avi file in
    C:\ProgramData\Tacx\TrainerSoftware\TacxVideoPlayer\Settings inside the file installedvideos.xml
    afterwards it worked perfectly fine 😉

  3. balduin says:

    thank you guys, you are awesome! 😀

    …and to tacx: ha ha!

  4. Beloki says:

    Hi guys,

    I tried the 9 steps solutions above. The video (AlpineClass10) runs longer now, but it still stopps after appr. 30 min. (before already after 5 min.).

    I also installed the TacxVideoPlayer but nothiung changed, still a freezed video after 30 min.
    Has someone still the same problem?

  5. Greg Mérot says:

    I am still searching to improve the bypass and i will give more detail as soon as possible.

    Do we have some information about an software upgrade from Tacx ?

    • Greg Mérot says:

      I edit my post and change some settings to convert the video. Hope it helps !

      • Greg Mérot says:

        According to the TAXC Forum, there is a Microsoft update solving the problem…

        • Greg Mérot says:

          … And it works !!!

          • balduin says:

            thank you for the information! i will give it a try asap.

            (what is the reason you suggested using 1920*1080 – and not the original resolution – on your post prior to windows update?)

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